One of the most pleasurable aspects of Chinese cuisine is the tradition of sharing the dishes with the other guests at your table, therefore providing you and your guests the opportunity to experience a wide range of mouth-watering dishes covering the whole gambit of tastes and aromas.

Our Cantonese Master Chef has matched these culinary dishes for you and your guest to enjoy.

À la carte

Me Wah is known the world over for its consistently high quality dishes and aromatic flavours. One of the best ways to discover all the exciting and sumptuous fare is making your own selection from the à la carte menu. A wide range of dishes awaits you and our experienced staff are more than happy to assist so you and your guests have the best dining experience possible.


Me Wah is very proud of the dessert selection it offers its guests. We have recently taken traditional Chinese desserts and added a modern twist.

Expertly prepared by our Executive Dim Sum and Pastry Chef, Chao Wang, this collaboration of Western flavours and Asian fusion is a real treat for those in search of a memorable dessert to finish off their dining experience.

And why not choose one of the many coffee options available. Me Wah uses Tasmanian roasted beans and has specially trained baristas ready to make whatever coffee creation a guest desires.

Take Away Menu

Me Wah Restaurant is not only known for its impeccable dining experience but is also a favourite for people wanting take away. If you are busy and need something to take home, we offer a quick and efficient take away service.

If you need to organise catering for a work function we are very happy to discuss all your requirements, so that you can collect a range of dishes that are guaranteed to impress.

Each category tab will have its own selection and price